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A Myth, a Lie and a Day that Never Arrived

In A Myth, A Lie and a Day that Never Arrived (work-in-progress), set in future, I attempt to bring the inevitability of climate catastrophe into public discourse through the artistic representation of a woman's personal narrative set in a dystopian world – bereft of trees and life in the natural environment. She moves around wearing helmets and lugging oxygen cylinders, and has flooded her home with plants to generate oxygen. Oxygen has become the core currency where it has entered the commerce of human relationships.

The series bears the presence of animals, nature, idols (of Hindu Goddesses) and man, exploring or negotiating their relationship and power structures. The swan and rabbit are popular signifiers bearing symbolic significance around the world.

Universally symbolic of grace and beauty, the swan is iconographic bearing mythological significance across cultures around the world, but through historical narratives like The Ugly Duckling and Swan Lake, the swan has emerged as a strong symbol to reflect ego and internal duel. In popular culture, swans are also believed to have mythical qualities that connect the heaven and the earth.

The aqua to intense blue and red colour palettes in the series also serve as oblique references to the Indian theatre as the female traverses through uncanny landscapes. Through narrative storytelling to communicate the relationship (lost) between human and nature using symbolism and mythology, I'm exploring this climate crisis whilst giving my visual treatment a contemporary feel.

A Myth, a Lie and a Day that Never Arrived






Environmental issues have always been one of my personal and core artistic concerns given that I was raised in a tropical island far away from the urban chaos, but fate has brought me to live in New Delhi. What we Delhiites are going through on a daily basis from population explosion, endless traffic jams, soaring temperatures, smog as well as severe air and water pollution deeply concerns me from the primal motive of survival. 

'A Myth, a Lie and a Day that Never Arrived', a work-in-progress, is my artistic effort at narrating the story of what's happening to us by situating our story in future. Rather than getting entangled with the present narrative (given the fantastic work being done on it by many filmamkers and photographers), this series is a constructed approach towards portraying what me might lose in the years to come and how we might have to live if we do not undertake immediate and urgent course corrections. Started as an intutitive aesthetic response, I began working on this series in 2016 and hope to complete it soon. 

Please do write in with your feedback, comments as well as critique and advice on how this story can be taken forward and strengthened. Do join me in the making of 'our' story!

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